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The Benefits of Camping

Nature lovers and eco-therapists often choose camping when planning their vacations.

The goal of Eco Eco Camping LEO is to make your camping vacation as comfortable as possible with a well-organized natural way of staying. Nature lovers and nature lovers will feel at home here.

These days, it's hard to find a person who doesn't love to travel. After all, it is a fantastic experience in every way. Many of us prefer hotels when traveling, but more and more people are leaning toward camping. 

Camping accommodations are a special kind of tourism. It is different from traditional hotel or holiday apartment accommodation.
Our eco-camping Leo provides everything necessary to achieve a high level of comfort for campers and patients in Dudince: camping, large well-groomed territory, recreation areas, barbecue sites, sanitary facilities, free Wi-Fi, orchard.

What is a camping?

So it is possible to name any rest in the nature which takes place in camping conditions. But camping in Eco Camping LEO is really just living in specially equipped areas for camping. The literal translation is camping in the open air. Camping is a type of caravanning that requires an enclosed parking lot with room for tents. 

Eco Camping LEO is also the location of the LEO Hotel.

Camping is offered in two versions:

  • equipped and officially registered campsites;
  • self-organized.

Eco Camping LEO is an officially organized campground for nature travelers. They are usually located in natural beauty near highways or in quiet suburbs of cities. People come here in caravans, motor homes or tents to relax, spend time in nature or improve their health.

It is environmentally friendly and more cost-effective than booking a room at a roadside or city hotel, so campgrounds are in constant demand among travelers. 

Stand-alone campgrounds

Travelers choose their own camping spot and arrange their accommodations. In some areas, camping in the wilderness may be prohibited by authorities or restricted by strict regulations.
However, the main disadvantage of self-organized campsites is the lack of sanitary facilities, equipped barbecue areas, Wi-Fi, etc.

Benefits of camping

Camping is a place where family or friends can relax together, enjoy a romantic atmosphere and a sense of freedom. But don't forget the opportunity to spend time outdoors, in the comfort and outdoors. At the same time, Eco Camping LEO is a guarded site that is cared for by staff.

The benefits of camping double as factors that can ruin the experience. Therefore, each family individually decides if this type of vacation is right for them, so you can save a certain amount of money for other needs. 

For those who want to rest in the resort of Dudince, for nature lovers and not only for them, the choice of accommodation and rest in the LEO Eco Camping is the ideal solution and at the same time a fun way to get acquainted with the surroundings of Dudince.
Our priority the comfort and well-being of our clients.